Collaborative Leadership & Innovation for Impact

A bold shift in the way
we do business.

Businesses & regions are facing existential & systemic challenge. We cannot solve this type of challenge with the same thinking that got us here, nor can we do it alone – your leadership & business models must adapt. Rapidly.

Now is the time to think & act differently.

The Kerry Topp Collective helps you, your business, & your region, collaborate & innovate for new sources of inter-generational impact & value.

We help CxOs, Managing Directors, Senior Executives, & Boards of businesses with $5m-$50m turnover demystify & accelerate new product, service & market growth, & create a positive impact in the world we live, now & into the future.

We improve top line revenue & EBIT, enhance cultural connection by building energy, engagement & trust in collaborations & innovation activities, & we help you measure & create differentiated inter-generational value & impact.

We are different because we are creative technology innovators who use the art of collaboration to deliver value & impact in the now, but inter-generationally for you, your business & region.

We do this via a modern, innovative & disruptive methodology, called ImpactHacking, that demystifies & accelerates collaborative leadership & innovation for impact.

Welcome to The Kerry Topp Collective.

“Inspirational…Kerry is one of the most innovative & inspiring individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is deeply passionate about working with, & supporting, organisations & their people in order to anticipate, plan for & implement impactful change. His ‘He waka eke noa’ approach brought tangata together. ”


Liam Sloan,
CEO Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

New value. New impact.

We believe the pursuit of growth has been made unnecessarily complicated by businesses. Based on our significant experience in innovation & collaboration, our ImpactHacking methodology simplifies the pursuit of value & impact-led growth, not just short-term but also inter-generationally.. The Kerry Topp Collective helps you demystify & accelerate your business’s time to test, learn & create;

  • New processes or sell the same stuff at higher margins. We harness people & technology to cut production & delivery costs, automate for efficiencies, cut fat in the supply chain or manufacturing, & utilise technology more deeply in your business.

  • New experiences or sell more of the same stuff to the same people. We harness people & technology to increase customer retention & share of wallet by powerfully connecting with customers.

  • New features or sell enhanced stuff to the same people. We harness people & technology to add improvements that drive incremental purchases from new & existing customers.

  • New customers or sell more of the same stuff to new people. We harness people & technology to introduce the product to new customer segments with needs similar to your core, or to complimentary markets where it might address a different need.

  • New offerings or make new stuff to sell. We harness people & technology to develop a new product — not just enhancements. We help you find new needs to solve within existing markets, or invest in a new category.

  • New models or sell stuff in a new way. We harness people & technology to imagine how to go to market by creating new revenue streams, channels, & ways of creating value & impact.

  • New markets or sell stuff in a new places. We harness people & technology to reimagine where to go to market by creating new revenue streams, channels, & places for creating value & impact.

What we stand for.

Our kaupapa is simple, to ‘connect people & technology for the betterment of businesses, regions & their communities.’

Our vision is drawn from & inspired by, the wonderful work of the Te Tauihu Inter-generational Strategy, to be ‘Good Ancestors’.

Based on learnings & insights from change & transformation leadership roles at Air New Zealand, Datacom, & working in consulting & advisory roles with many businesses across New Zealand & Australia, we believe it possible to regenerate the mana of people, place & planet & make money. We firmly believe ‘doing good is good for business, people, place & planet’

Our approach
to change.

We focus on four missions of impact.

We help you identify new sources of impact by enhancing curiosity & your “drive to do’. We believe identifying, exploring & delivering on little experiments, constantly delivered, improved, productionised & embedded in your culture & business processes as quickly & deeply as possible will lead you to new value & impact.

We do this by helping you demystify & accelerate;


We help you create human platforms of trust by building collaborations that unlock new sources of value & enhance mana for all.


We help you identify & accelerate the delIvery of new products, services & markets.


We help you upcycle your people & create the pathway for students & under-represented communities into high-value, future-fit jobs.


We help you explore broader environmental, social & cultural outcomes, attract new sources of capital to amplify impact & we help you measure that impact.

We deliver by

It starts with an approach that hacks for impact.

Our methodology, Impact-hacking, uncovers big challenges & delivers directionally-correct, bite-sized ‘missions of impact’, that progressively lead to company-wide cultural change and transformation & new sources of value & impact.

“Kerry’s super power is his ability to bring people together, align them around a common purpose, and get them collaborating to innovate on projects that create impact and value for businesses and regions.”


Husain Al- Badry, Head of
Datacom Foundry (Global)

Our Core Values.


We value relationship and working together.


We strive for excellence
in what we do.


We honour and respect
our legacy.


We are innovative and passionate in our mahi.


We embrace all and strive for equality.


We are honest, open and accountable.


We care and support one another.

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